Our Tasteful Menus Cater For Every Taste & Occasion

You can browse through a sample of the dishes we offer in a "selector" format and also have a look at what other people have eaten / are about to eat in our "Summer '11 Collection".

Some of our menus have price guidelines, however, on all occasions we develop our event menus in collaboration with you, taking on board all the different factors you need before quoting a price. These menus should at least allow you to gauge an approximate cost for the type of food you are considering.

All our food is homemade using the best seasonal ingredients we can source at the time - please rest assured your event will not include pre bought offerings!

We cook our love of food into each of our dishes

Canapés are a bit of a speciality at Copleys and the offer a great value way to create a memorable start and an upmarket feel at your function. We can prepare a formal starter for an intimate or important Dinner Party or for a relaxed and fun sharing platter. When it comes to the main course there's just as much love gone into preparation as we always use the best seasonal ingredients and prepare from scratch, your food will not include pre-bought offerings! The team at Copleys are definitely members of the "Pudding Club" and we also enjoy producing a little sweet sophistication for refined events. Finally, we produce a small range of bread and cakes that are available to order and, in addition, we make all our Cakes and currently around 80% of our bread for our catering events.