How to get the most out of your vegetables and eliminate waste!

Zero waste, using your veg

Don’t waste the stem!

As all of our recipes are made using fresh produce it’s important to us to make the most out of everything we have lying around. Just like using every part of an animal, nose-to-tail we find a way to use every part of our vegetables, stem and all! These suggestions are super handy for when you haven’t got time to pop to the shops, need to clear out the fridge or are just conscious of cutting down your waste, we’ve got you covered!

Soup glorious soup

Soup is one of the best and easiest ways to make the most of a whole vegetable, as you can practically pop anything in there. At all of our cafes we constantly have homemade, fresh soups on the go so know how to squeeze every last drop of goodness into them.

One of our top tricks is to prep the soup whilst cooking another dish for example, on a Sunday morning whilst prepping the vegetables for our Sunday roasts, we make sure to put the leftover broccoli and stems straight into the soup for Monday. As well as using the same boiled vegetable water for that extra flavour and literally no leftovers. So, by Monday morning we have a fresh broccoli soup using out Sunday roast scraps with zero waste!

The secret ingredient

The same goes with literally any vegetable! When chopping tomatoes for salads and other dishes make sure to keep those stems as they work well in a variety of soups as well as sweet potato – another star vegetable and blends well into any soup giving it a beautiful sweet flavour and consistency. Really the key to soup is a good seasoning so don’t worry too much what you’re chucking in as a strong herb can always save the day!

Bubble and squeak

Another great dish for cleaning out your fridge is Bubble and Squeak. Growing up we always knew leftovers day meant bubble and squeak but that never meant it was going to be any less tasty! Our bubble and squeak is one of the favourites on our menus and allows us to incorporate lots of different ingredients, leaks, cabbage, potato and carrots! So, if you’re looking to rustle up a quick miss match of veg, go for a Bubble and Squeak.

Tips like this mean that recipes will be dictated by what’s available around you, always changing. For us this keeps us on our toes and using our imagination day to day! Find out some of our other recipes which are pefect for using veggies, get in touch!

28 Aug 2019

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