Imaginative ideas when catering for vegans

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If you’re catering for an event where you’ll need to cater for vegans, you can’t just offer them a plate of vegetables! With vegan food becoming ever more popular, there are lots more options for delicious dishes that even non-vegans will want to try. We’ve put together some great vegan catering ideas for dishes that will cater for your vegan guests.

Plant-based food

Begin by familiarising yourself with what a vegan diet consists of, you’ll be better able to plan your menu. Plants such as vegetables, fruits, pulses, grains are a vegan’s staple diet, and remember that vegans do not eat honey. This may seem like a limited diet to some, but with a little imagination you can create some beautiful and delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Vegan canapés

Canapés are always a welcome extra to any party, and so that your vegan guests can enjoy them too, think of options such as bitesized guacamole, red chilli and tomatoes in a tortilla shell. You could also serve mini crostinis with an assortment of different toppings, such as salsa, hummus and sundried tomatoes or garlic mushrooms, as well as pea and courgette fritters with a mint dressing.

Vegan buffets

You’ve got a huge range of options for vegan buffet food. For example, cold buffet foods can include a range of sandwiches with fillings such as avocado and sundried tomatoes, hummus and roasted vegetable, or bean and mushroom pâté with cucumber. You could also offer mediterranean roasted vegetables and vegan quiche lorraine. If you want a hot option ,why not add a Moroccan vegetable tagine or Indian dish these are always both popular and budget friendly.

Sit down meals for vegans

If your event is a sit down meal you’ll need to ensure that the tables are clearly labelled for your vegan and vegetarian guests so that your catering team can make sure the correct meal is allocated. For a three course meal you will need to think about each course carefully, so vegans are presented with a plate of food that is as attractive as the rest of the menu.

The starters will set the tone for the meal, so getting this right for all guests will ensure the party starts the way it means to go on. Options to consider would be stuffed filo rolls served with a herby sauce or an avocado cocktail, which is a great option if other guests are having a prawn cocktail.

Main dishes can easily be the highlight of the meal for all concerned. Offering tasty dishes such as stuffed portobello mushroom with crushed new potatoes, spinach, and a wild mushroom sauce or roasted butternut strudel with new potatoes, spiced sweet potato purée, confit tomatoes, and tomato sauce are sure to be a welcome change.

Finally you need to consider the sweet treats! Seasonal fruit crumbles will always be popular and are suitable for all guests. Alternatively, your vegan guests will also enjoy lemon drizzle vegan cheesecake with lemon sorbet or, for the chocoholics, a vegan chocolate cheesecake with strawberry sorbet.

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6 Feb 2020

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