Mouthwatering BBQ ideas

BBQ Catering Ideas

BBQ catering is a wonderful way to entertain your guests at an outdoor event. BBQ ideas are more than sausages and burgers; nowadays there is a dazzling array of ideas and flavours to get the tastebuds tingling!

Great preparation means great flavour

Creating mouthwatering BBQ ideas for an outdoor event needs careful thought and preparation. This starts with sourcing the very best high-quality food from trusted professional suppliers. Whether the BBQ catering consists of meat, fish, vegan food or vegetables, the food needs to be carefully prepared and marinated properly in delicious blend of oil, herbs, spices to intensify the flavours.

The Big Grill

Meat and fish are delicious when marinated and barbecued. Think of sticky pork barbecued ribs, glazed chicken and chops, fiery chicken wings and spicy barbecued leg of lamb. Meaty fish steaks have a wonderful texture and are perfect for the barbeque and, you could also consider having dishes like herb-crusted fish skewers, spicy prawns or stuffed whole fish.
Vegetarians and vegans are well catered for too. As well as delicious bean burgers, there are many plant-based substitutes that have a meat-like texture and taste just as amazing as beef burgers; there is tofu that can soak up the smoky barbeque flavours beautifully, and jackfruit is the perfect substitute in a barbequed spiced pulled pork dish.

Barbequed vegetables are also deliciously scrumptious! Onions, in particular, come out wonderfully, soft, sweet and slightly charred – the perfect accompaniment to the main dishes!

The Big Dish

BBQ catering is not just about The Big Grill; there are many other dishes that work brilliantly on the barbeque. You can introduce amazing dishes from around the world: Spanish Paella with its flavours of saffron and smoked paprika, onion and garlic; Thai and Asian noodles with tamarind and a kick of chilli; the delicious, fragrant and fiery spices of Indian curry; the sweet and fragrant Moroccan tagine with cinnamon and ginger; and rich tomato and garlic Italian meatballs. Guests love to see these dishes expertly cooked in a giant pan and then served straight into the bowl.

Don’t forget the side dishes …

No BBQ catering is complete without a wonderful array of scrumptious side dishes like crispy fries, potato salad, zingy coleslaw, and fresh green crispy salads with herbs and tomatoes served in a delicious vinaigrette.

… or the desserts

BBQ catering is not just for the main courses. Barbequed desserts are just as delicious. Fruit is perfect for grilling, and the barbeque adds a wonderful smokiness to the dessert. Think of roasted pineapple with rum and coconut cream, or fruit skewers with toasted marshmallows and a chocolate dip. Roasted fruits such as peaches, apricots and nectarines make a delicious compote to be served with ice-cream, or consider some grilled watermelon with lime and mint for something light and refreshing.

If you want BBQ ideas and caterers for your outdoor event, contact us and we will work with you to create the best mouthwatering food to wow your guests!

11 Mar 2020

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