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Our meals are prepared by us using the best ingredients. Savoury dishes are delivered ready frozen & ready to be reheated by you in either oven or microwave as directed on the dish. Some are complete meals, labelled (meal), and others go with accompaniment of your choice at home. Free delivery on orders over £35.00

Allergens: Please advise us at time of order if you have any food allergies

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    Light Bites

    Prawn Croquettes x4 (£7.80)

    Main Courses

    Shepherd's Pie (meal, gf)

    Small £8.75 Large £16.00

    Lasagne (meal feeds 1 large or 2 small)


    Slow cooked beef shin in red wine (gf)

    Small £8.75 Large £16.00

    Meatballs, tomato sauce, cheese

    Small £7.75 Large £14.00

    Thai chicken curry

    Small £7.75 Large £14.00

    Lamb tagine (gf)

    Small £8.75 Large £16.00

    Creamy pork & cider casserole (gf)

    Small £7.75 Large £15.00

    Fish Pie (meal, feeds 1 large) (gf)

    (Requires min. 3 days notice please)


    Greek lamb shoulder (meal, gf)

    Small £10.75 Large £19.75

    Sausage ragu & fusilli pasta (meal)

    Small £8.75 Large £14.50


    Stuffed mushroom (vegan, gf)


    Spinach chickpea & potato curry (vegan, gf)

    Small £7.25 Large £13.00

    Veg Lasagne (meal, vegetarian)


    Aubergine parmigiana (vegetarian)


    Butternut, tomato & spinach strudel (vegan, gf)

    £4.50 per portion

    Nut Roast, tomato sauce, roast veg & potatoes (meal, vegan, gf)


    Cakes – (1/2 or whole cake)


    Half £12.00 Whole £23.00

    Carrot cake

    Half £12.00 Whole £23.00

    Rhubarb and orange

    Half £14.00 Whole £25.00


    Half £14.00 Whole £25.00

    Victoria sponge

    Half £12.00 Whole £22.00

    Courgette and lime

    Half £13.00 Whole £24.00

    Lemon polenta (gf) (dairy free)

    Half £13.00 Whole £24.00


    Sticky Toffee Pudding with toffee sauce


    Lime cheesecake (9 inch) (Requires min. 5 days notice)

    Half £15.00 Whole £28.00

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    Other food items required, please specify and we will do our best to help:

    During the current Pandemic, we will endeavour to prioritise all orders for the over 70s and high risk categories and take extra care when delivering.

    Please note: We will get in touch to arrange payment and delivery on receipt of your order.

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