7 Unique Party Catering Ideas

Unique Party Catering Ideas

If you’re throwing a party, you must have a really special occasion to celebrate and that means that you’ll be inviting all of your friends and family to join in the celebrations with you.

So how can you make sure that the party is a success and doesn’t just disappear into the abyss of ‘mediocre parties I’ve been to this year’? Our advice? Do something out of the ordinary! And what better place to start than with the food you’re serving and how you’re serving it? Read on for our top unique party catering ideas which will have your guests talking about your party for many years to come.

In the know

Make sure you enlist the help of a good party caterer, preferably one who is local to you who can give you some samples of food to taste and sample. It’s important to talk through your ideas and pick their brains, asking for suggestions and recommendations on how you can do things differently.

Choose a Theme

Impress your guests with a well thought out theme. Choose something unique that you haven’t seen done before and then tie it in with the food! You might go for a 70s retro menu with cheese and pineapple on sticks and old school trifle or maybe Mexican fiesta food with nachos and enchiladas. Your caterer will be able to help you with the dish selection and advise what food will suit all tastes.

Whet their appetites

Give your guests a big welcome by offering them a signature cocktail when they arrive. Speak to your party caterer about creating one especially for the occasion which includes all of your favourite flavours and shows off the theme of your party. Go all out with how you serve them too, hiring in fancy cocktail glasses and adding colourful garnishes to get the party started.

Sharing is caring

Ditch the hot and cold buffet, because now it’s all about the sharing board. This is a great way to break the ice round the table and get your guests talking. Place the platters in the middle of your tables to create a relaxed dining atmosphere. We’re thinking tear and share, we’re thinking antipasti, we’re thinking cheesy dips and crostini. Are you with us?

Oriental showstopper

Take your party to the next level and choose to have fresh sushi prepared in front of your guests by professional chefs. This will create a feast for the eyes as well as the tummies and your guests will love watching the expert chefs create their intricate dishes.

Don’t be intolerant

Don’t forget to ask all of your guests if they have any food intolerance’s and talk to your party caterer about how you can include them in the party menu. Ideally you want to do this without it being too obvious so try to choose food that everyone can eat.

Save the best to last

Definitely keep your big reveal for the end. And for this you want to think really big and the more unique the better! How about a flaming birthday cake or a dessert bar so your guests can load up their bowls with mouth watering puddings and sweets. An ice cream bar will always go down well and your caterer can provide toppings and sprinkles galore too.

If you’re looking for a caterer to bring your ideas to life, contact us, we’d be delighted to help.

25 Sep 2019

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